core values
Our knowledge and experience are what makes for trust among our clients – their innovative works and creativity are safe in our hands.

Shaping the Vision

All actions in our company are guided by three golden rules, which combine the individualism with the professionalism needed in teamwork to make cooperation work as smooth as possible. We realize that everyone is different, but it is very important for us to create a team that can identify with the values we set. The priority values in our company are:


We are oriented on professional and friendly relations. We focus on honesty. Our actions are as bold as they are responsible. With honesty and integrity we build long-term cooperation both with clients and among our team members. People are the key to success, thus once a month we organize meetings in which the whole team takes part and discuss potential changes. This initiative has a positive impact on collaboration and productivity, everyone feels equal.


Transparency in our case means being clear about the activities that our entire team conducts. At Cybermind, we all clearly discuss our tasks and projects together. This facilitates cooperation and builds good relations between our co-workers, as well as creates a guarantee, that the conducted projects are safe in their hands and reach the clients in the best possible quality. We highly value this kind of cooperation and it brings us a lot of success.

Personal development

The development of our company is not possible without the individual development of each of our employees. We are convinced that personal development shapes each person, which can be used in his or her professional career. However, self-development can be understood in many different ways. It can be additional foreign language lessons, courses, trainings or workshops. Self-development is also influenced by many less obvious factors. These can be people we meet, inspiring books, art seen in the theater, travel, and many, many others. It is up to us to make sure we get the best from them. It is important to remember that the most important influence on our lives we have ourselves. Self-development is certainly worthwhile!

Enjoying the process

We believe not only in doing tasks, but also enjoying the process of getting things done.


We always want to cooperate in the partnership way with our clients, so that our cooperation is smooth, understanding and excellent relationship.


We believe that team of people with similar values and high skills is the only way to give the best possible results for our clients.

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